A regional economic development team had a mandate to develop a plan to promote economic growth and investment, We used our facilitation skills to help the inter-jurisdictional group achieve consensus, our project management skills to assist the team in meeting tight, inflexible deadlines, and our writing and editing expertise to create high quality documents that reflected "one voice."

We designed and moderated focus groups and conducted key informant interviews to assist a Regulatory College in developing a new clinical standard.


We designed and facilitated a series of stakeholder engagement sessions to help a government organization get a better understanding of a specific sector. Our approach helped break down stereotypes that the sector had about the organization. The consultation findings provided the basis for the organization to establish a productive relationship with the sector, that continues today.






A global manufacturing company wanted to strengthen its employee communications. We conducted a comprehensive communications audit that looked at all the ways the company communicated internally. One of our recommendations resulted in a significant reduction in the number of  internal meetings. The President said the audit achieved "significant results."


We worked with a team of clinicians and non-clinicians to write a report on the results of a multi-year study on the delivery of a clinical specialty. We used our plain language and story-boarding skills to make complex processes and contents readily accessible to busy clinicians and policy makers


We wrote plain language award-nominations for an IT team, to make the impact of its innovations in technology readily understandable. The team won multiple prestigious awards at the national and local levels.

A scientist needed an easy-to-understand eLearning program for local community leaders on water management. We provided plain language editing and narrated the 100,000-word script.







Communications, Writing, Editing, Voice-over

HR & Organizational Development

We designed a practical, easy-to-use and understand executive performance management program for a health sector agency. We also provided HR skills transfer to the clinical team for conducting constructive reviews.

We designed and delivered training for a company's employees to ensure compliance with government legislation that provides access to people with disabilities . 

We worked collaboratively with a hospital's executive team to develop a plain language Code of Conduct. Our work included helping the team to achieve consensus on the code's content and language. The Code applies to everyone working at the hospital in any capacity, from volunteers to vendors.



Our work with clients includes projects to:

  • Strengthen economic development, health care and social service initiatives.
  • Make complex information readily understandable and accessible.
  • Create practical performance measurement programs.
  • Help teams and working groups be more effective.

Our work with clients includes projects to:

  • Strengthen economic development, health care and social service initiatives
  • Make complex information readily understandable and accessible
  • Create practical performance measurement programs
  • Help teams and working groups be more effective